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Services & Policies

Borrowing Policies

Registering for a Library Card

Borrowing privileges will be available to Massachusetts residents who register for a Minuteman Library Network card. To obtain a card, identification with name and current mailing address is required. Identification may include a valid driver’s license, imprinted bank check, piece of delivered non-personal mail such as a bill, bank statement, or magazine with a mailing label. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Out-of-state residents who work in Massachusetts, are students in Massachusetts, own property in Massachusetts or are living in temporarily in Massachusetts (for a minimum of 8 weeks), may register for a card; work ID that includes current mailing address, student ID that includes current mailing address, or piece of delivered non-personal mail is required for verification of a Massachusetts mailing address.

Patrons may apply for a temporary card online by going to and appyling with a valid email address. A card number will be emailed to that address which can be used to borrow materials from the digital catalog and place holds in the Minuteman catalog. The patron must physically visit the Library and provide a photo id withcurrent  address in order to receive a permanent card.

Checking Out

If you do not have your card with you, you may check out materials using a valid ID.  You may also purchase a replacement card for $2.00.

Lost Cards

The replacement cost for a lost card is $2.00 for 7th grade and older, and $1.00 for 6th grade and younger. Once a card is replaced, the previous card is deleted and cannot be reused.

Confidentiality of Records

It is the policy of the Medford Public Library, as well as the Minuteman Library Network to guard the confidentiality of all library users. The computerized system maintains no trace in the patron’s record of items that have been borrowed and returned unless an overdue charge is still outstanding. Once a fine is paid, all record of the transaction is eliminated. Using a library card number and PIN number, patrons can set up a "My Reading History" account which will keep track of all items borrowed.  This service is only accessible to the patron in the My Account feature. 

Interlibrary Loan and Reserves

ILL: Patrons with valid MLN cards may request materials to be sent from other libraries within MLN and outside the network. There is a limit of three requests per patron per day. Items not available within MLN will be requested from outside the network depending on availability. New DVD's cannot be borrowed through interlibrary loan for the first 90 days after they are added.  During that period you may go to the owning library to borrow a new DVD.

Reserves: Patrons can place their own reserves online, in person, or by telephone using their card number and password.  There is a limit of 30 reserves per card.  Patrons are notified by telephone or by e-mail if they have signed up for e-mail service when reserve items are ready to pick up. Reserve items are held for seven days after notification. A fee of $1.00 per item will be charged for reserved items that are not picked up.  We are happy to extend the hold time for reserve items for a few days if you call and request an extension. 


Loan Periods

Loan Periods at the Medford Public Library are:

21 Days: All Books; Children's CD's, Children's Books on CD and Children's magazines
14 Days: Adult and YA CD's, magazines, books on CD, and some reserve items
7 Day: All DVD's  
1 Day: Museum Passes

Restrictions: There is a limit of 10 DVD's and 10 music CD's per household per day.  If the computers are down borrowing will be limited to 4 items. 

The Medford Public Library assumes no responsibility for damage to equipment.


Medford allows one renewal of an item.  Items cannot be renewed if they are on hold for another patron  Items can be renewed by phone with the library card number or the barcode number of the item.  

Lost and Damaged Materials

Patrons will be charged for lost or damaged items according to the list price of the item, or the generic price entered in the bibliographic record. Patrons may also replace a lost or damaged item with an identical copy. If an item is lost and paid for, the patron must provide either a receipt or cancelled check to receive a refund. If you are paying for a lost item be sure to request a receipt.  

Materials borrowed from other MLN libraries may be paid for at Medford by check or money order only.  If you want to replace an item from another library you must contact that library first to make sure they will accept the replacement. 

Overdue Fines

Patrons over the age of 62 are exempted from fines on all materials except for museums passes, and DVDs. The library encourages the prompt return of materials borrowed by fine exempt patrons.  Patrons may continue to check out materials as long as their fine amount is under $5.00. Fines can be paid by cash or check at any MLN library and by debit or credit card online in patron account.  

Fine rates are as follows:

$0.10 per day for adult and YA materials; up to a $5.00 maximum per item ($1.00 per paperback.)
$0.05 per day for children’s materials; up to a $3.00 maximum per item.
$1.00 per day for all CD-Roms, DVDs, and videos; $15 maximum per item.
$10.00 per day for museum passes; up to a maximum of $30.00. (Loss of a pass will result in a fine of $30.00 or the replacement cost of the pass, whichever is greater.)