Accessible Entrances

The new library building is accessible at both entrances! The front door enters on the first floor and the rear door enters on the second floor. Handicapped parking spaces are located by each entrance. An elevator is also available.

Accessible Programs

The staff is committed to making our programs accessible. If you have a disability or are attending a program with someone who has a disability, feel free to call the department your program is in (adult services or youth services) and we will make sure that the furniture is situated in programming rooms in a way that is accessible to your particular needs.

There are hearing support devices in the Bonsignore Hall available on request as well.

Neurodiverse Supports

The Youth Services department has fidget toys, noise cancelling headsets, and weighted vest available on request. The “Quiet” Room on the back end of the Youth Services department can also be reserved for someone who needs a sensory space.