Maker Space Instructors and Volunteers

Maker Space Instructors and Volunteers

Maker Space Instructors

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Sam S.

Sam S. is the assistant director of Medford Public Library. She teaches General safety, 3D printing, and laser cutting. She is a good point person for your general Maker Space queries, donations, volunteering, and/or chaotic shenanigans. Sam enjoys messy projects and tinkering and is happy to help troubleshoot most problems though she doesn't claim to be an expert at anything but mess making. // 781-475-5730

Nicole P.

Nicole P. is Head of Youth Services at the Medford Public Library. She teaches the cutting machine badging classes and runs our Teen Maker Nights and many, many crafty teen events. She loves staring at craft supplies until an idea comes to mind, so if you've got arts and craft block, she's who to call! If you visited the library before construction, she is probably the reason you still have glitter on you.

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Kate C.

Kate C. teaches laser cutting and 3D printing. When something breaks, it's hard to get them to back down from trying to fix it. Ask them about knitting and spinning - you can usually find them wearing something handmade and they spend most of their free time thinking about wool.

Sam D.

Sam D. is the senior children's librarian at the Medford Public Library. She handles everything "kid" in the Maker Space and is the best person to answer your kid-related making questions. Sam loves sewing and will happily gush about her current quilting project at the slightest provocation.

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Molly D.

Molly D. is one of our Information Desk Librarian. If you've ever called the Library, there's a good chance you've spoken to her on the phone. She teaches the sewing classes and manages Makerspace reservations.  Her passions include costuming, DIY clothing and jewelry, and creative mending.

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Peter H.

Peter H. is the custodian at Medford Public Library and he teaches General safety and 3D printing. He does a little bit of everything! If you need help with woodworking, painting, soldering, or other general crafts, be sure to send him an email!

Abi H.

Abi H. is one of the youth services librarians. She loves process crafts and finding fun new ways to explore with art. If you want to have a wild time, don't hesitate to reach out to Abi!

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Zoey M.

Zoey M. is the head of reference and teaches cutting machine badging classes. She often runs crafting programs and technology classes for adults. She inherited a love of crafting from her mother and loves watercolor, crocheting, and, now, cutting paper.

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Maddi R.

Maddi R. is a youth services librarian. She runs lots of maker and craft events for both teens and kids, and loves finding ways to get creative with all kinds of craft supplies and tools, including the cutting machine and laser cutter. But if, like Maddi, visual art is your main jam, find her to learn how to use our iPads to draw with Procreate or make a stop motion movie!

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Tamar S.

Tamar is a children's librarian at the Medford Public Library and loves teaching kids how to sew. If you have never touched a sewing machine before, she would be happy to get you started. She started sewing as a kid and never stopped!

Maker Space Volunteers

Our Maker Space Volunteers help us keep our doors open longer, help us run amazing classes, and are generally the best! If you would like to joint he Maker Space volunteer group, email Sam S. at to start that process.

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