Medford Maker Space & Tech Lab

Medford Public Library has both a Maker Space and Tech Lab for projects, tinkering, and creating your next Big Thing! These spaces have Library programs, drop-in times, and classes designed for anyone ages 8+. You can find all of them by searching for the tag ‘makerspace‘ on our events calendar. (You can further narrow your search by clicking ‘adult event’, ‘teen event’, or ‘children’s events’ on the top of the calendar).

Anyone within the designated age-range can come to a program (registration might be necessary!) or drop-in time (just swing by!).

Maker Space Reservations

Both the Maker Space and Tech Lab can be ‘checked out’ for independent use by adults (ages 16+) who have completed the necessary Badging Classes. Badges can be earned in:


If an individual does not need a 101 level course in a particular subject area, they can also test out of a badge class by contacting the instructors.

Maker Space inventory

Sign up for the 3D printing badging class to learn more about using our printers!

  • (2) Makerbot Sketch
    • (4) build plates
  • Dremel DigiLab
  • (3) digital calipers
  • (3) scraper tools
  • (2) PLA cutters
  • X-acto knife

We take donations of crafts supplies and have a varied and rotating collection of Weird Objects and Possible Art Pieces. The Library cannot promise that any of the consumables will be available at any given time but the following are regularly part of the collection:

  • cotton fabric, felt
  • styrofoam, cardboard
  • construction paper, origami paper, weird scrap paper
  • canvases
  • broken electronics for parts
  • small selection of wood bits
  • writing/drawing utensils
  • acrylic paint pens
  • glue
  • string, wire, yarn, pipe cleaners
  • toys, marbles, bottle caps, rocks, pom poms
  • beads of various sizes
  • glitter

Sign up for the Cutting machine badging class to learn more about using our Cricut!

We ask that independent users bring their own materials to cut in the machine; materials will be provided for those taking a class.

  • Cricut Maker
    • (2) StrongGrip mats  12″x12″
    • (10) StandardGrip mats 12″x12″
    • (2) StandardGrip mats 12″x24″
    • (2) LightGrip mats 12″x12″
    • (7) FabricGrip mats 12″x12″
    • Card mat
    • weeding tools and various blades
  • Cricut Explore Air 2
    • (3) StandardGrip mats 12″x12″
    • StrongGrip mats  12″x12″
    • (2)FabricGrip mats 12″x12″
  • Cricut EZ Press 3
  • Cricut EZ Press mini
  • Cricut Mug Press
  • Cricut infusable ink markers
  • Cricut metallic markers
  • Swingline Smart Cut paper cutter 13″
  • Logan compact Mat cutter
  • scissors
  • Ellison die-cut machine
    • A-Z cutouts
    • 0-9 cutouts
    • shapes: star of David, ring, heart 1, star
    • bookmarks: cat, heart, dinosaur, award, elephant, teddy, pencil
    • large:
    • animals: fish 2, turkey, t-rex, puppet frog, rabbit, cow, seahorse, rabbit 4, butterfly, duck, t-rex 2, cat 1, penguin 1, pig 2, horse, teddy bear
    • seasonal: mitten, Christmas tree, pumpkin 1, sun 1, flower 1, sailboat, shamrock, dreidel, gingerbread man, balloons, snowflake 2, snowman
    • other: book open, badge-sheriff, footprint, ice cream cone, apple, candle, covered wagon
  • (3) claw hammers
  • (2) adjustable wrenches
  • miter back saw
  • (2) hack saws
  • measuring tape 10′
  • protractors, rulers in various sizes
  • level
  • bar clamp
  • (2) quick clamps
  • spring clamp
  • (6) Phillips screwdrivers
  • (6) flat-head screwdrivers
  • (2) adjustable screwdrivers
  • scissors 
  • adjustable pliers
  • ice pick
  • (3) wire cutters
  • (3) awls
  • wire stripper
  • (6) round-nose pliers
  • (11) needle-nose pliers
  • hook-nose plier
  • staple remover
  • box cutters, X-acto knives, safety knife
  • (4) hole punch
  • button punch
  • pipe cutter
  • (2) shears
  • sand paper
  • paint brushes (various sizes)
  • paint trays
  • heat gun
  • (4) hairdryers
  • (18) glue guns
  • woodburner kit with tips
  • iron

Sign up for the laser cutting badging class to learn more about using our GlowForge!

We ask that independent users bring their own materials to cut in the machine; materials will be provided for those taking a class.

  • GlowForge Pro
  • (5) 3-in-1 soldering iron station
  • Kimo drill 
  • Dremel engraver [290-01]
  • Dremel rotary tool [4300]
    • sanding heads
    • polishing heads
    • grinding head
    • engraving heads
  • Black and Decker Mouse Sander

The recording studio is in the back side of the Tech Lab. This sound dampened room is great for folks who would like to catch clean, quality audio in their recording. The studio has:

  • (1) Mac
    • GarageBand
    • iMovie
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Logic Pro
  • PreSonus M7 standing microphone
  • PreSonus HD7 headset
  • PreSonus audiobox USB96
  • (2) Oxygen Pro 49 keyboard
  • Akai Professional MPK keyboard
  • (3) Akai Professional MIDI Controller 219
  • Little Bits Pro Library
  • Snap Circuits (varied)
  • EV3 Lego Mindstorm
  • (18) Ozobots
  • (2) K’nex Education STEM Building Solution kit
  • KidSpark Young Engineers Mobile STEM lab
  • Bloxels kit
  • (5) Brother sewing machines [CS7000X]
  • Singer sewing machine [E99670]
  • Simplicity Easy Lock Surger [804DST differential feed]
  • various threads, bobbins, buttons, pins, and sewing implements
  • (5) self-healing cutting mats: 24″ x 36″
  • (4) Westcott titanium fabric scissors
  • slack and pants ruler
  • arm hole ruler
  • 2 iron
  • ironing board
  • crochet, knitting, and embroidery supplies
  • medium dress form
  • (2) Newline Interactive Multi-touch Displays
  • (2) Macs [tech lab]
  • (6) PCs [tech lab]
Makerspace floor plan show circular range of worktables in center of space surrounded by tools/supplies (accessible, low level tables available upon request). tools are on the back wall, closet with cutting machine is just to the left of the entry door, laser cutter is diagonally across the room from the entry. Badging is required to use the space without staff presence - call 781-395-7950 to learn more about how to sign up for such programs