Children’s Booklists

Children’s Booklists

Booklists by Age/Grade

Whether you are just turning one or are already 9 and a 1/2, we’ve got some great book recommendations for you!

Readalike Booklists

Did you just finish your favorite series? Need to know what to read next? If you really liked one type of book, we bet some of these might also be the best thing ever.

Booklists by Topic

Apples? No? Ducks! Or dinosaurs? How about silly books? Or books about difficult issues? If you are looking for a Particular Thing, these booklists might point you in the right direction.

New Books

They’re new to us. Maybe they will be new to you too!

Parent & Caregiver Resources

These books aren’t FOR kids but they sure are about them! If you’re potty training, trying to figure out how much screen time is right for your family, or dealing with the tough stuff, these resources are for you.