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Medford Historical Register Online


Note: In Internet Archive texts, you can get to specific pages by clicking on "Search inside" (the magnifying glass icon to the right of the image), then using the slider at the bottom of the image to select a specific page.

Tufts' Perseus Project files are text only.  They are titled "Medford Historical Society Papers", but they are the same text as the Historical Register.


Volume I-II, 1898-1899

II begins on page 336

Volume III, 1900

Volume IV, 1901

Volume V, 1902

Volume VI-VII, 1903-1904

VII begins on page 222

Volume VIII, 1905

Volume IX-XII, 1906-1909

X begins on page 225

XI on page 464

XII on page 676

Volume XIII-XVI, 1910-1913

XIV on page 234

XV on page 469

XVI on page 701

Volume XVII-XX, 1914-1917

 XVIII on page 226

 XIX on page 456

 XX on page 678

Volume XXI-XXVI, 1918-1923

XXII on page 226

XXIV on page 426

XXV on page 617

XXVI on page 818

Volume XXVII-XXVIII, 1924-1925

XXVIII begins on page 108

Volume XXIX, 1926

Volume XXX, 1927

Volume XXXI-XXXII, 1928-1929

XXXII begins on page 120

Volume XXXIII-XXXIV, 1930-1931

XXXIV begins on page 192

Volume XXXV, 1932

Volume XLI-XLIII, 1938-1940

XLII begins on page 118

XLIII begins on page 242