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Current Job Openings

Adult Services/ILL Assistant

Media Services Librarian

Fundraising Consultant: Request for Proposal

Adult Services/ILL Assistant

 This librarian will coordinate out-of-network interlibrary loan services and will work on the Information Desk.  The MPL is a busy place with a high volume of ILL and a very high volume of Information Desk traffic.  Our ideal candidate is detail-oriented and good with the public.  Must have a sense of humor and the ability to handle a lot of things at once. 

 This is a 25 hour part-time, non-union position.  MLS preferred but we will consider an MLS in progress, or bachelors’ degree with library experience.  Experience with ILL and/or Sierra a plus.   One night and an average of one Saturday per month.  $18.00 per hour (MLS).  $14.00 per hour (bachelor’s degree or MLS in progress).

Deadline to apply is August 31.  Please submit resume and cover letter to or mail to:

Library Director
Medford Public Library
111 High St. 
Medford, MA 02155


 Media Services Librarian

The Medford Public Library is seeking a professional full-time Media Services Librarian to develop film, music, and audio collections for adults, and to manage the Library’s eBook platforms and electronic subscriptions.  The Media Services Librarian will also be the primary manager of the Library’s website and will work on the Reference Desk.  The MPL is a busy place which serves a diverse city of 57,000.  Our ideal librarian has a great sense of humor, a love for public service, and the ability to adapt quickly to the constantly evolving needs of the community.

 We are looking for a multitasker who can manage and market the full range of media collections in physical and digital form. Must have experience with website management or design.  Experience with film and music collections and experience with the Sierra system are a plus. Must watch a lot of movies and TV! Experience with library PR and social media is also desirable.

 This a full-time 35 per week professional union position.  One evening per week and an average of one Saturdayper month.  Candidate must have an MLS from an ALA accredited institution and library experience.  Starting salary is $47,937.66. 

 Deadline to apply is August 31, 2017.  Please send resume and cover letter to or mail to:

Library Director
Medford Public Library
111 High St. 
Medford, MA 02155


Medford Public Library Trustees
Request for Proposal: Fundraising Feasibility Study

General Information
The Board of Trustees of the Medford Public Library (MPL) is requesting proposals from
fundraising consultants to conduct a feasibility study for a capital campaign to raise funds for a
new city library. The purpose of this Request for Proposal is to retain a fundraising consultant
who will conduct a fundraising feasibility study. While there will be a subsequent capital
campaign, this proposal refers only to hiring for the feasibility study. This is not a bid project.
The draft study report shall be provided to the Board of Trustees no later than October 31,

Building Project Background
On July 13, 2017, the Library was awarded a provisional construction grant of $12,290,917 by
the Board of Library Commissioners. The total project cost is anticipated to be $34,597,010.
The project will involve construction of a new facility on the present site.
This fundraising feasibility study will assess public opinion as it relates to fundraising for this
project. Feasibility study results will help to determine the campaign strategy and financial
goals. The final product should provide the Board of Trustees with an estimate and potential
donor pool for the capital campaign.
The construction application process was carried out by the Library Director and a Building
Committee, comprised of library staff, trustees, a city councilor and other residents, who
assessed the building’s deficiencies and needs as part of this process. A library consultant hired
as part of the process ran survey and focus groups during the spring of 2016. Previous
community surveys were conducted in 2015 as part of the Library’s strategic planning process.

Library Background
The Medford Public Library is an important part of the City of Medford, providing materials,
information and enrichment through traditional collections and developing technologies. The
building was constructed in 1959 and opened in 1960. While there have been some building
updates, there has never been a major renovation of the space. Parking for the building is
inadequate, and there is only one ADA accessible entrance/exit, which is not accessible after
hours. There is no separation between the adult, teen and children’s spaces, and all library
programs share the same space. During the construction grant project, a decision was made to
demolish the current structure and build an entirely new facility.
In spite of the current building’s limitations, the Library is a very busy and popular community
resource. An average of 17,000 people visit the library every month. There is wide-ranging
community support for a new library as well as support from city government. It is anticipated
that the funding for the project will include a combination of grant funds, city funds, and funds
raised from the capital campaign and donors.

Your firm is invited to submit a proposal to work with the Board of Trustees to organize and
implement a feasibility study, with emphasis on the “silent phase” of the capital campaign,
focusing on the leadership gifts. However, as the project will require wide community support,
the proposal should also present options for smaller scale donations. Please include a detailed
description of the services your firm proposes as well as resumes for each member of your

That proposal should include:
 Estimated cost of the study.
 A description of your feasibility study methodology.
 Sample interview questions or scripts for use with potential donors.
 The number of feasibility studies and capital campaigns you have completed indicating
whether you have conducted studies/campaigns for public libraries.
 A further description of any experience you have had with library projects.
 A description of any experience you have had with projects that are funded through
multiple means, such as a combination of privately raised funds, grants and/or
 A description of any projects you have carried out with municipal governments.
 The percentage of the capital campaign goals actually raised on projects you consulted
on in the last 5 years.
 References from four projects. Please include library projects if any have been carried

General questions: Your proposal should also answer the following questions:
 How long have you been in business? How large is your company?
 In what type of market do you typically work?
 What were the economic demographics of your most recent projects?
 How familiar are you (or your firm) with Medford and its demographics? Have you
worked with any Medford organizations in the past?
 What do you see as the biggest potential challenges of this project?

Please provide 6 print copies of your proposal and 1 electronic copy. Proposals are
due on August 21. Please refer questions via email to Barbara Kerr, Library Director

All proposals shall be sealed and addressed to:
Board of Library Trustees
Medford Public Library
111 High St.
Medford, MA 02155