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Library Gallery

This summer, we opened a gallery space in the rear hallway of the Library. The space will be open to local artists beginning in January 2018. 

Artists will be able to show their works in the gallery for a month at a time.  There are eleven slots available as one is reserved for an annual exhibit of student work.  The space can accommodate large and small hanging pieces.

Gallery Policies Information for Exhibitors Apply for Gallery Space Current Schedule of Exhibitions


Gallery Policies

Applicants must be from Medford or surrounding communities.  There is no age restriction.

Applications may be for a group show which includes work of two or more artists. 

Exhibitors do not have to use the entire gallery space but exhibitions must include at least 12 pieces.  A smaller number will be accepted if the pieces are large. 

The Library uses a rail hanging system so artwork must have a wire on the back. (We cannot accommodate free-standing sculptural pieces.) The system cannot accommodate very heavy pieces.

Artists are responsible for hanging their work and for breakdown of exhibits. Artists may not apply or adhere anything to the walls. The Library will supply adhesive for labels.  The Library will provide step stools and ladders for use during hanging.

The artist is required to create a sign, artist’s biography, and brief description of the exhibit for display which will fit an 8 ½ x 11 inch paper or cardstock.  The artist is also responsible for producing cardstock labels (approximately 2 x 3“) for each art piece.  The Library will provide the hanging adhesive which must be used to affix labels to the wall.

Exhibits will run from the first to the last of each month.  Exhibits are to be taken down on the last day of the month, and new exhibits mounted on the first day.  If the first or last day falls on a day that the library is not open or there are special circumstances, dates will be adjusted.

The Library is a public building serving people of all ages and sensibilities. We ask that artists ensure that pieces are “family friendly”.  Please do not submit work that contains violent content, sexual content, or nudity.

If you are accepted, the library will determine when your show will take place. If there is a month when you absolutely cannot show during 2018, please indicate that on the application. 


Information for Exhibitors

Gallery Specifications

The gallery consists of a rail hanging system installed on two sides of the library’s rear hallway.  There are six 6’ rails and three 3’ rails.  There are twenty-one cables that can accommodate multiple pieces and ten additional cables for single items.  

Planning a reception

Once an artist's work is accepted and a show is scheduled, an opening reception may also be planned.  Receptions must take place during the Library’s regular hours of operation.  As the Library only has one meeting room that is heavily used, it may not be possible for receptions to take place the day that an exhibit opens.  All best attempts will be made to provide reception space as close to the start of an exhibit as possible.  The artist is responsible for set up, all refreshments and tableware for the reception and for sending out invitational postcards.  Serving of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.



 The exhibits will be publicized in the Library’s quarterly newsletter as well as on the Library website, in social media, and in local papers. Artists are welcome to create their own promotional materials, but any promotional materials produced by the artist need to be pre-approved by the Library and must include the library name, logo, and address.



The Medford Public Library takes no commission for work sold. Business cards, price lists, and contact information for the artist may be left in the gallery. The Library will not take part in the process of selling or negotiating for the sale of artwork.  All arrangements for sale and delivery of exhibited items must be made privately. Sold items must remain in the exhibit until the month is over.



The Medford Public Library does not hold insurance for art work on exhibit and is not responsible for loss or damage of the artist's work.  Exhibiting artists will be asked to sign a waiver before they can exhibit their work. An exhibit cannot take place without a signed waiver.


Apply for Gallery space

You can access the application here, or ask for a hard copy at the Information Desk, or by calling (781) 395-7950.


Current Schedule of Exhibitions

Fall In the Library Gallery

September: Student Art
An exhibit of art works created in the Library by some of our younger artists.

October-November: The Art of Emilius Ciampa
An exhibit of images of sculptural works by Medford sculptor Emilius Ciampa. Curated by Dee Morris.

This is a companion exhibit to the lecture Emilius Ciampa: A Medford Sculptor on October 12.